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The one and only Grandmaster, Yip Man...

Here are some pictures of well known Wing Chun Sifu's.

If the master of your lineage is missing, drop us an email and we'll tell you where to mail the photo to, so we can scan it in and add it here!

Yuen Kay Shan, Late Grandmaster of a separate branch of Wing Chun

* Ben (L) and Ken (R)

This picture was taken around 1975. The San Jose Wing Chun school was about 10 years old. One of the school's students had, on his own, entered a tournament, and won a trophy. More than anything else one should take from this picture is that since their meeting, Kenneth Chung and Ben Der have been fast friends.


YC Wong, Kenneth Chung, Wong Shun Leung, Leung Ting, Tsui Sheung Tin

Note: YC Wong is not a Wing Chun Sifu but a master of Hung Gar Gung Fu.


Y.C. Wong, Kenneth Chung, Leung Ting, Wong Sheung Leung, Tsui Sheung Tin, and Hawkins Cheung (from left to right)

* Tsui Sheung Tin (Yip Man's Third Student)

* Wong Sheung Leung

William Cheung, of Traditional Wing Chun

* Leung Ting in Action.

Leung Ting, of Wing Tsun

Duncan Leung

* Victor Kan

Emin Boztepe, US AEWTO Chief Instructor

Emin in Action

Steven Lee Swift

Chow Sze Chun, Steven Chan's Sifu

Steven Chan & Chow Sze Chuen

Phillip Holder

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